Old Pueblo Archaeology Center


Check out these archaeology listserves and links serving Arizona and the Southwest:

Southwest Archaeology Today, an on-line news service operated by the Center for Desert Archaeology: To subscribe contact Southwest Archaeology Today at <sat-editor@cdarc.org>

Arizona Archaeological Council Listserve (“AAC-L”), a discussion forum for those interested in Arizona Archaeology: To subscribe contact moderator Walter “Dutch” Duering at <duering@stockmorehouse.com> then you can post messages at AAC-L@yahoogroups.com.

Archaeo-politics, which, as the name implies is about archaeological politics: To subscribe contact moderator John Giacobbe at <cerci1@mindspring.com> or go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/archaeo-politics/ then you can post at <archaeo-politics@yahoogroups.com>.

New Mexico Archeological Council Listserve (“NMAC-L”), for which membership in the New Mexico Archeological Council (an organization similar to the Arizona Archaeological Council) is not necessary for you to subscribe to NMAC-L: To subscribe contact list manager Dave Phillips at <dap@unm.edu>; to post, send message to <nmac-l@list.unm.edu>

Society for American Archaeology Public Archaeology Interest Group, from a national-international organization composed mostly of professional archaeologists: To subscribe contact Joëlle G. Clark at <joelle.clark@nau.edu>. To post, send message to <dl-saapublicarchaeology@mail.mc.maricopa.edu>.


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